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Play Cafe Board Members and Officers

Madeline Puccioni, President

Playwright / Lyricist

Jamie Greenblatt, Secretary

Play Cafe Executive Director


Sandy Kasten, Treasurer

Musical Cafe Steering Committee Member

Lyricist / Playwright / Attorney

Jen Coogan, Board Member

Composer / Lyricist /  Playwright  /  Vocalist / Actor


Matt Coogan, Board Member

Director / Writer / Musician / Vocalist / Actor / Event Planner

Robert Fields, Board Member

Screenwriter / Playwright / Composer / Musician / Architect

Loretta Janca, Board Member

Musical Cafe Steering Committee Member

Actor / Director / Vocalist

Richard Jennings. Board Member

Musical Cafe Steering Committee Member

Composer / Educator

Play Cafe’s Advisory Board

Kevin Cartwright

Freelance Writer and founder of KPFA's Bauersfeld Playhouse


Anthony Clarvoe

Playwright / Educator / Dramaturg

Armando Fox

Freelance Music Director / Educator / Computer Scientist

Norman Gee

Actor/ Director/ Educator / Podcaster The YAY! Podcast

Tracy Held  

Playwright and Screenwriter


Irma Herrera

Playwright / Solo Performer / Social Justice Advocate

Carol S. Lashof


Professor Emerita, Saint Mary's College of California

Sheela Ramesh

Freelance Music Director / Composer / Social Justice Attorney

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