Audition FAQ's:

Are there call backs?

No, casting decisions are made without call backs.


Where are rehearsals held?

Rehearsal locations do indeed tend to vary from team to team, and I can report that most of our creatives appear to be East Bay-based, so they'll have their own reasons for wanting to be in the East Bay. We have our auditions in SF mostly because it's an acoustically-good space at cost with a working piano accessible by BART. 


What is the time commitment for rehearsals?

Musical Cafe curates and presents 20-minute selections from four works-in-progress. Each selection has a different creative team that rehearses independently, so that rehearsal time varies. It's (approximately) no more than 10 hours a week for four weeks, but the distribution of that will depend on how large a role. Actors can appear in more than one selection, which would then increase the amount of time in rehearsal.

I can not make the audition date, is there an alternative?

If you can't make the audition date but would like to be considered, the alternative is a video audition. Please email us your resume, headshot, and any helpful links (e.g., audio and video files). Since attachments get tricky for us to manage, consider using LINKS to your headshot and resume instead.


Please include whether you wish to be considered for any and all parts in any showcase, a particular showcase, a particular showcase selection, or a particular role.

How do I create LINKS for my resume and headshot for Video Auditions?

Here is an example of using LINKS (instead of attached files) for sending Musical Cafe your headshot and resume using Google Drive, a free cloud-based storage drive. If you have a google email address, your google account comes with this free google drive


Here is an example of using a Google Drive FOLDER



Which contains the actor's HEADSHOT


And the actor's RESUME


Note: these URL links are very long, you can shorten them using Google URL Shortener (or Bitly, etc.) to more manageable sizes:













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Musical Cafe's Next Stages on the Radio!

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